Porcupine Chicken

It doesn’t matter who a person is or how much money he may have on the books, there will come a time in prison when his stomach’s in his back and he’s feening for just about anything to quell his hunger. It may be because commissary is so far behind schedule that he hasn’t hit […]

Brady’s Birdcage Tale

My buddy Brady had both done time in The Birdcage, so when the topic came up, we began swapping stories in a strange and twisted competition to see who had witnessed the most disturbing thing during his tenure in the infamously violent maximum security cell house. Eventually I had to concede victory to him. When […]

A Despicable Reflex

I did not know this man; I had never laid eyes on him before he entered the visiting room. He walked past the table where I sat with my visitor and gave me a harsh glare full of meanness—that hard prison stare that many guys develop shortly after their arrival. At first, this look is […]

A Chemical Imbalance

This week’s post is an excerpt from Candy and Blood. Available on Amazon.com now. Blood and feces mixed in a sticky mess across the floor and against the thinly padded walls. The pungent aroma was beyond awful, and I couldn’t imagine bleach or disinfectant ever dispatching it entirely. I also couldn’t imagine why anyone would […]


The lockdown had already lasted sixteen days. Rumors hollered onto the gallery said it was supposed to last another two weeks, so when I heard the tell-tale electronic buzz and pop of my cell door being unlocked, I was pulled from my state of drowsy half-slumber and made immediately awake, but not entirely alert. A […]

Gordie’s Devolution

When Gordie told me he was “gonna beat Kent’s ass,” I took it to be little more than bravado and blowing off steam. I empathized—understood completely his ire and outrage—so I let him vent. Never did I think that the meek and mild kid who had been my cellie over a year before would resort […]

Poor Gordie

The angry, wet sound of his violent regurgitation still reverberates through the finite space of my mind the same way it bounced around the confined space of our cell. === His hair was short and so blond it looked like nothing more than peach fuzz above an oval face. His softened features made him look […]

The Misguided Germaphobe

I am not a medical professional, but I have heard it said that cold kills germs. Supposedly, if illness has me gripped in its brutal grasp, I should stroll out in the bitter winter chill and breathe in deep that frosty air to eradicate all those pesky bugs and viruses that have so besieged my […]

Athlete’s Crotch

One time I had a particularly vicious itch that wouldn’t go away, and I didn’t know why. All I knew was that the affected area was extraordinarily itchy and an angry shade of red. Being that it was in a particularly private and embarrassing spot, I eschewed seeking the proper medical assistance in favor of […]

The Sounds of Violence

There was a bestial savagery to the beating, unsettling and primal, yet I couldn’t look away. My stomach twisted, turned, and churned as his fist smashed the man’s head and blood began to flow. Still, I remained transfixed. === My cellie Torrez and I had been together for nearly six months and had easily managed […]