Injustice for All

  Sonny was an older black man, in his mid-sixties, and walked with a slow, loping limp. He didn’t move very swiftly. This particular stint in Segregation for Sonny was because he had mouthed off to the wrong C/O. Other officers might have just talked some shit right back to him and that would’ve been […]


An Attack “I’ve got it figured out. You know what I’ve been doing? I’ve still got a roll and a half of toilet paper left. You know how? It’s Friday already, and so we get a new roll for the week tomorrow, but I STILL have a roll and a half left; you know how […]

Medical Emergency

The Kill With a sonorous smack, Whitey smashed the spider and squished it between his palm and the white brick wall. This act was preceded by a yelp of surprise and disgust at the presence of the offending arachnid, and with the intruder successfully dispatched, a shout of victory clamored from his throat. He unceremoniously […]

A Misguided Love

  Empty bottles stood at attention in tidy lines like toy soldiers at the ready. Eight, ten, a dozen—the number continued to grow by increments of two each time his mother returned to the table. My bladder developed a sympathetic ache in having to witness all that Mountain Dew being consumed. Soon it was every […]

Wanton Waste

This past Christmas season was filled with gifts of kindness and generosity from various businesses in the surrounding community. I’d never seen anything quite like it before in nearly fourteen years of incarceration. Perhaps those years had given rise to the cynic in me, but I was instantly suspicious of all this free stuff. However, […]


I wish I could say this type of thing is anomalous, but instead it borders on commonplace. “Okay, I gotta get outta here, but the fresh sheets for Bryson in five are in his room on the desk. You just gotta make his bed.” Allen was addressing the nurse assigned to the infirmary. Infirmary Inmates […]

Window Seat to Freedom

This excerpt is from Candy and Blood. Available for purchase on Amazon now. My starving eyes saucered as they attempted to watch it all at once. They’d been deprived of simple beauty and had grown lazy on a steady diet of televised facsimiles. Freedom breezed past me at 55 miles per hour in the form of […]

Razorblade Horace

This excerpt is from Candy and Blood. Available for purchase on Amazon now. It was strange and surreal to have a selfless act of kindness return to try to stab me in the face. As Horace swiped the razorblade toward my face, time seemed to slow momentarily, and I froze. It was obscenely surreal, this scene […]

Everything in Its Right Place

This excerpt is from Candy and Blood. Available for purchase on Amazon now. Watching Anthony make his bed was almost hypnotic. I had a rough time looking away, mesmerized by my own bewilderment. Staring at the complex process, I couldn’t help but silently ask myself: What is wrong with this guy? === To say that Anthony […]

Quality Healthcare

This excerpt is from Candy and Blood. Available for purchase on Amazon now. I thank the good Lord above from the depths of my heart that I’ve never had to deal with a hemorrhoid. Of all the various maladies and embarrassing afflictions that have been visited upon me, the dreaded hemorrhoid is one I seem to […]