Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder

Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder by Paul G. Hensler relates the author’s own experience as an American G.I. in Vietnam who managed to be stationed away from much of the killing and violence – he worked in the morgue where bodies of his fallen countrymen came to be prepared before their trip stateside. Selfish and petty, he abuses drugs to cope with the horrors of the endless stream of bodies he must process. However, out of the calamity of his life, Hensler takes pity on some orphans and quickly becomes the provider and protector for a group of nuns and the ever-growing population of orphans in the war-torn city. As I read, I was laughing, crying, and feeling useless for being unable to help those poor orphans. But if there’s one thing that Hensler’s true story imparts, it’s that one man can make a difference.

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