The Burning Room

The Burning Room is Michael Connelly’s latest foray into the world of LAPD detective Harry Bosch, and for fans of the series, it delivers a thoroughly satisfying read. For me, there was a touch of bittersweet as I read because I sensed that this might be the last, or one of the last, outings with the consummate gumshoe. Introduced here is Bosch’s latest partner, Lucy Soto, and the case they investigate turns out to have strong ties to her tragic past, which provides shades to the character that are reminiscent of a young Harry Bosch. I suspect this was the plan, but it worked well, and she takes shape as an interesting character all her own. As always, Connelly’s prose is pitch-perfect, and the plot unfolds at a pace that leaves no room for the lackadaisical—once begun, it demands the reader’s attention. If this is to be the author’s final word on Harry Bosch (hopefully not), he could do a lot worse, and true to form Bosch went out on his own terms. Everybody counts or nobody counts.

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