Black Dahlia Avenger

Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel is the former LAPD homicide detective’s nonfiction chronicle of his own personal investigation into the famed unsolved murder that happened amidst the glamour of 1947 Hollywood. His curiosity is piqued once he begins to clear some of his recently deceased father’s belongings from the house and comes across evidence that raised too many questions to leave unanswered. Hodel’s homicide investigation technique is meticulous, and this can make for some dense passages as he slogs through evidence, dead ends, and eventual breakthroughs. It’s this strict attention to detail, though, that makes it so difficult to refute Hodel’s argument that his own father was, in fact, the murderer all along. It makes for an interesting narrative and mystery, but the ramifications of his familial revelation – the abundance of questions Hodel must have, but will remain unanswered – is what lingered with me.

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