Candy and Blood is a collection of essays about one man’s prison experience over the past 12 years.
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This excerpt is from Candy and Blood, available on now. Some prison stories seem apocryphal due to their extreme nature. They’re just too disgusting, graphic, or insane to be believed. When viewed from a sane and rational point of view, this may be true. However, sanity and rationality often have no foothold in prison. I […]

Nothing to Lose

Candy and Blood is available on now. “C’mon! Come get me! You want me outta here? You gotta come get me. You buncha bitches! COME AND GET ME!!” Lally looked feral as he snarled threats interspersed with a dozen colorful and creative obscenities. === Lally had just served ten years in prison, most of […]

Harsh News

“The state’s attorney isn’t going to change his mind about the offer that’s on the table. Either you take their deal for the plea agreement of twenty years at eighty-five percent or you have to go to trial. If you lose at trial—and you don’t have any kind of defense, so I don’t see how […]


It was about nine months after my arrest date, and I was still sitting in county, fighting my case. I’d already spent a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday separated from the world – the first of many such separations – but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. My mental anguish – in the form of […]

Search and Seizure

Wade’s legs waggled and writhed while the heels of his boots bounced against the floor. His arms flailed and flopped, making slapping noises against the concrete. Moaning noises were punctuated by occasional grunts as his entire body shimmied and bucked. Seeing Wade afflicted like that, I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. […]

Hot Foot

Pinto beans are a special meal in prison, simply because not every cook is capable of preparing them. In a yet-to-be-explained paradox, bags of pinto beans are available for purchase in commissary, but there’s no way to cook them without using a hot pot that’s been illegally rigged to boil, or at least modified to […]


I was rushing to get to my work assignment. I wasn’t running late, but I preferred arriving early so that I could take a few moments to get organized and prepared for the day’s tasks. It was a gray day with big fluffy snowflakes fluttering to earth like butterflies on broken wings. Each flake added […]

Brutally Efficient

My cellie and I had been together a week already and had long ago exhausted all the superficial topics of discussion available to us. With our only common ground being prison, all that was left for us was to share complaints over the food that was passed through our chuckhole and to exchange good-natured grunts […]

Uncommon Compassion

“C’mon, quick; Tee needs you.” I was mid-conversation with someone, but left him immediately without a word of explanation or apology. Tee was my cellie, my buddy. There was an urgency and seriousness in the messenger’s tone that begged no rebuttal or delay. Once I arrived at the cell that Tee and I shared with […]

Puddle of Blood

When I first saw him lying there with his eyes open and emptied of all their light, I felt certain he was dead. No Luck I’d been in and out of the building all day—work, healthcare, work, chow, work. Every time I returned to my building, I’d nabbed a telephone and tried to get through […]